Lake line Garezeri

Lake line Garezeri are unique geological origins and is the only ones in this tpe of lakes in Vidzeme seaside. Lakes which stretched 3.5 kilometers of territory and includes three narrow (180-220m) line of lakes consists of Northern Garezers, Middle and Southern Garezers.

The longest and deepest of them are middle lake Garezers as it stretches 1.45 km length and depth 2m, while the deeper 4m . Garezers are naturally formed and little overgrown lakes, which has a predominantly dry, sandy or peaty shores. 

The walking route along the two longest lakes can go almost 2h (about 10km). We recommend that you choose a path on the seaside. If there is a desire to combine walking with overnight stay is possible to use existing campsites and other accommodations that will take care of meals and night stay. Route can be taken from the railway station “Gauja” and “Lilaste”. We recommend to travel by more environmentally friendly transport, walk in the paths of “goose foot”, use guide service to get to know nature and save natural resources. Nature park Piejūra can be seen through photo cameras, picnic facilities, Nordic walking and cycling opportunities.