River Gauja and it’s outlet to the sea

In the history of Carnikava, Gauja is mentioned as an important place for sailors. At the time when the Libyans called Carnikau “Sarnikau”, the Germans called it “Koivemundi” (mouth of the river), highlighting the mouth of Gauja. Carnikava was originally formed as a fishing village, where the Gauja River with its outlet into the sea served as a significant source of income for fishermen, especially lamprey fishing increased the wealth of the former Carnikava manor. In the past, trees were floated along the Gauja, thus it became an important waterway. Gauja is Latvia’s longest river (452 ​​km), and it begins its journey in the Vidzeme highlands, but ends by meeting the sea near us in Carnikava. It is possible to observe more than 232 species of birds in the coastal nature park “Piejūra”  located in Carnikava parish, especially in the territory of the left bank of the Gauja, including the Gauja mouth.