Memorial site of O.Vācietis
Memorial site

Ojārs Vācietis was one of the most brilliant Latvian poets during the later half of the 20th century.

Ojārs Vācietis (1933-1983) rests in the Carnikava parish cemetery in Siguļi. In honor of the poet’s 80th anniversary, the memorial site of O. Vācietis and his wife, the poet Ludmila Azarov (1935-2012), was improved. As early as 1984, a competition was held for arranging the grave of O. Vācietis in the Carnikava cemetery, but due to changes in the state apparatus and financial difficulties, the work was not realized. 30 years later, architects Inguna Rībena and Uģis Zābers, as well as sculptor Glebs Pantelejevs, still implemented the plan! The orderly cemetery and the created monument enrich the cultural landscape of Latvia.