Īsta Amerikas garša tepat Latvijā!

Ātrās ēdināšanas restorāns Ādažos, kas piedāvā gardus burgerus no augstas klases izejvielām, gardas uzkodas dažādām gaumēm. Īpaši padomāts arī par pašiem mazākajiem.

Iespējams ēst uz vietas vai pasūtīt līdzņemšanai.

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Street Burgers is a burger restaurant concept created in Latvia and the first burger restaurant was opened in February 2013. You can find it on 6 locations – in the center of Riga, Āgenskaln, T/C Spice, T/C SĀGA, Ādaži and Liepāja.
Street Burgers offers more than 20 different types of burgers, salads and snacks. Vegetarians and vegans will also find a delicious meal on the menu, so everyone will be able to satisfy their hunger.
Street Burgers is about a healthy lifestyle, so taste is always its priority. Every ingredient that goes into the burgers is carefully selected. Only the highest quality products are used for cooking. Each burger is cooked to order and over an open fire, so that customers can enjoy the best today, and ask for the next one tomorrow.

The philosophy of Street Burger is to be fair to our customers and to provide the best of what is found here in Latvia.

You can eat on site or order takeaway.

Family restaurant for holidays and everyday life!

A place to enjoy delicious Neapolitan pizzas, Italian pastas and desserts, excellent Italian coffee, as well as refreshing cocktails.

Working time:
P. – closed
O.T.C. 12:00-21:00
P.S. 12:00-22:00
St. 12:00-21:00

Padel tennis is a combination of tennis and squash played in pairs. It is a new and exciting sport that provides a great opportunity to relax actively with family, friends, or colleagues. This is not only an opportunity to learn something new, relax and have fun, but also to start exercising regularly. Because this sport is really exciting. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your physical fitness level is, everyone can learn to play this game.

Arrange the courts by calling +371 26 367 766 or on the website: https://padeladazi.lv/pieteikt-laukumu/

VIRTUAL REALM – Entertainment Center in Adaži offers rooms for events!

We offer premises for celebrations and events, for adults, teenagers and children. With a wide range of entertainment and the most modern technologies.

The offer includes:

Virtual Reality Stations (Oculus Quest 2):

  • The entertainment center provides three stations where you can enjoy virtual reality in different formats and games that offer a diverse entertainment experience.
  • Virtual reality is a technology that allows users to immerse themselves in a digital world where they can interactively interact with their surroundings and objects.
  • Oculus Quest 2 is a popular virtual reality headset that allows users to experience various games, adventures and experiences using this technology.

PlayStation 5: PlayStation 5 is the latest generation gaming console that offers high quality graphics and gaming experience with high quality and comfort.
Karaoke: The center provides a karaoke machine and stage where you can become a star for a moment and create unforgettable memories singing with friends and family.
Instructor: An instructor will be available to provide assistance and guidance on the virtual reality goggles, ensuring that each guest gets the best experience.
Food and drinks: To make the event even more complete, you can bring your favorite food and drinks.

These are just a few of opportunities for adventure and fun, both alone and with friends and family.

The premises are located in the very center of Ādaži, on Gaujas Street 8 (near MiniRimi). Entrance from the courtyard.

This is a local shop which offers production created in Latvia! Most of it comes from Ādaži county like “Soira” cheeses, “Adaži honey”, “Moonberry” juices, candies, “Emerald” coffee and other delicacies. You can buy all this, as well as enjoy coffee on the roof of the cell house.

A Mexican-style restaurant in Adaži, offering delicious food on-site, take-out and catering for parties. If you want to meet the creative Meaet Daddy team at your party as well, arrange it by calling +371 22111100!

Chill easy hotel and Cafe are located in Adazi near the city center.

Hotel offer:
12 double rooms with private bathroom
Extra beds are available (up to 38 guests)
Free Wi-Fi
Free parking
Sauna and rest room
Cafe terrace

Chill easy Cafe offers rooms and territory for holding various events:

Corporate events, seminars
Corporate events, seminars
Children’s parties
Sports Games

Chill easy cafe offers delicious meals and drinks to be enjoyed on the terrace.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/cilleasy

“Hungry Angry” nodrošina svaigi pagatavotu ēdienu piegādi Ādažu novada ietvaros, kā arī Ādažu apkārtnē, piemērām: Baltezerā, Carnikavā, Podniekos, Kadagā.

Facebook: Hungry Angry